What do you get when you combine seasoned craftsmanship with high-quality name-brand products? The highest level of excellence in the exterior remodeling industry! That’s what Stevens Siding & Window Co. is all about. We take the utmost pride in our business and strive to offer the most affordable rates and the very best in workmanship.

Did you know that 85% of customers were dissatisfied with remodeling work performed in their homes (according to a recent Remodeling Magazine article)? That means only 15% of customers were satisfied! That’s just unacceptable to us and that’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We can offer references if you'd like and we encourage you to visit our job sites to see a job in progress or stop by one of our completed sites before you make any decisions.

Window replacement is a serious investment and it’s a project you’ll more than likely do only once in the lifetime of your home. So you want to take every precaution to make sure the right choices are made and the quality of work will last.

At Stevens Siding & Window Co., we want you to be the happiest homeowners on the block and we are just as concerned about your choices as you are because our reputation depends entirely on your satisfaction.

When will you need new windows? 

When you think you need them or you want to upgrade or remodel, that’s when. Not when you see a special or a telemarketer or salesman tells you that you need them. Whatever your needs are, be they simple repairs or full replacement, we will be there to assess the need and offer our seasoned, expert advice and recommendations.

Replacing windows is a fairly painless operation for your home and can be performed in a timely manner around the year. Unless you change the size of window to be replaced, very little interior work is required and in most cases, no new interior trim or painting is needed. Most of the work is performed from the inside and we are usually completed in 2-3 days for typical installations.

What about siding?

With the plethora of types, styles, thicknesses, colors and brands - making a decision about your siding isn’t easy. To make matters worse, there isn’t a best or perfect type or brand to rely on. But rest assured, over the past 10 years, we at Stevens Siding & Window Co., have installed just about every type and style of siding out there. We are confident that we can help you choose what’s right for your need and for the aesthetic and value of your home.

Oh and don't forget your roof!

On every roof that we work on we take care of all those minor details that some forget. It is not all about what you can see, but what you cant. A propery inspected and preped roof will also determine the manufactures warranty.

We pledge to :


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All Clean Up And Disposal Will Be Done By Us On Any Job!

Full 5 Year Labor Warranty On Our Work And A 10 Year Labor Warranty Exclusively On Our Top Of Line Lockheed Windows

We Take Pride In Our Work And Service It Too! Not A Second Or Third Party